How Many Shots Of Vodka To Get Drunk? | Factors affecting

If you’re wondering about the specifics of how many shots of vodka to get drunk, you’ve come to the right place. The short answer is: everyone processes alcohol differently and will have unique reactions based on their own biology and lifestyle factors. But if you want to understand more about this process and make an informed decision for yourself, read on. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s not so easy to define how much vodka leads to drunkenness, as well as cover some facts and safety tips that may help guide your decisions in the future.

Popular different vodka brands

Here are some 10 popular vodka brands:

  • Grey Goose: A premium French vodka known for its smoothness and high-quality ingredients.
  • Tito’s Handmade: A small-batch vodka from Texas, loved for its smoothness and slightly sweet flavor.
  • Beluga Gold Line: An ultra-premium Russian vodka with a velvety texture and luxurious taste.
  • Absolut: A Swedish vodka with a clean and smooth taste, perfect for various cocktails.
  • Ketel One: A Dutch vodka with a crisp and clean taste, ideal for mixing in cocktails or sipping.
  • Ciroc: A unique vodka made from grapes, offering a smooth and fruity flavor profile with a range of flavors.
  • Stolichnaya: A classic Russian vodka with a clean taste, great for traditional vodka cocktails.
  • Smirnoff: Smirnoff is a well-known vodka brand with a wide range of flavors and affordable options. It is recognized for its versatility and is often used as a base for various cocktails
  • Skyy: Skyy vodka is widely popular for its smooth and clean taste. It is made using American grains and undergoes a quadruple distillation process, ensuring a high level of purity.
  • Finlandia: Finlandia is a highly popular Finnish vodka brand that prides itself on using pure glacial spring water and high-quality Finnish six-row barley.

Benefits of drinking vodka

Healthy benefits of drinking vodka
Healthy benefits of drinking vodka

Drinking alcohol in moderation, such as vodka, has potential health benefits, including:

  • Enhanced mood and digestion.
  • Lowered risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Increased levels of good cholesterol.
  • Reduced risk of blood clots.
  • Improved blood sugar regulation.

Can Vodka make you feel drunk?

Vodka, with its alcohol content ranging from 35% to 95%, can indeed make you feel intoxicated if consumed continuously for extended periods. However, it is worth noting that the level of intoxication may vary depending on the amount consumed and the individual’s tolerance.

Does tequila vodka make you more drunk?

The direct effects of different types of alcohol, such as wine, beer, and spirits, are essentially the same. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that specific types of alcohol result in different mood states or levels of intoxication. Additionally, individuals are often unable to accurately perceive their own mood states after consuming alcohol.

How many shots of vodka to get drunk?

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For women

For women, consuming 5 to 6 shots of vodka will result in feeling drunk. While an additional shot will lead to complete drunkenness and a subsequent hangover.

For men

As for men, drinking three shots of vodka will result in a mild buzz, and consuming 8 to 9 shots will lead to increased drunkenness. The upper limit for men is ten shots, exceeding which will cause extreme drunkenness.

It is important to note that these quantities apply to normal individuals who drink occasionally. Additionally, one shot of vodka corresponds to a 30ml glass containing 40% alcohol.

How many shots of vodka to get drunk legally and safely?

The legal limit for men to get drunk from vodka is three shots. Consuming 8 to 9 shots will result in increased intoxication. The maximum recommended amount for men is ten shots, exceeding which will lead to extreme drunkenness.

To legally reach a state of intoxication, it typically takes approximately 3-4 shots of 40% ABV vodka for women and around 5 shots for men, resulting in a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%.

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Factors affecting how many shots of vodka to get drunk

The factors affecting how many shots of vodka to get drunk
The factors affecting how many shots of vodka to get drunk

The number of vodka shots required to become intoxicated depends on several factors, including body size and weight, drinking history (particularly for long-time, moderately heavy drinkers), and individual metabolism and overall health considerations.

1. Gender: In general, women tend to become inebriated more quickly than men.

2. Weight: The weight of an individual can significantly impact vodka tolerance. Heavier individuals can typically consume more vodka without feeling drunk, which may explain why some women may experience intoxication more rapidly than most men after just a few shots.

3. Mood: The mood of a person can greatly affect their alcohol tolerance. When someone is in a positive state of mind and comfortable with drinking, they may be able to consume more alcohol than their usual limits.

4. Body Weight: Individuals with lower body weight generally have a lower tolerance for alcohol compared to those who weigh more. In other words, individuals with less body weight are more affected by alcohol.

5. Side Drinks & Chasers: Drinking vodka on an empty stomach can result in unfavorable outcomes. Consuming chasers, side drinks, or snacks alongside vodka, such as fruit juices, lemon juice, olives, or peanuts, can help in maintaining sobriety. These additional substances slow down the absorption of vodka, making it harder to become intoxicated.

Moderate vs heavy alcohol use and binge drinking 

For women, moderate alcohol use is defined as consuming fewer than two drinks per day, while heavy alcohol use is characterized by consuming more than three drinks per occasion or more than seven drinks per week.

For men, moderate alcohol use is defined as consuming fewer than three drinks per day, while heavy alcohol use is characterized by consuming more than four drinks per occasion or more than 14 drinks per week.

The lower limits for women are due to their typically smaller bodies and lower water content, which results in higher blood concentration of alcohol compared to men who consume the same amount of alcohol.

Is it safe to get drunk on vodka?

It isn't safe to get drunk on vodka
It isn’t safe to get drunk on vodka

Drinking vodka or any other type of alcohol with the sole intention of getting drunk is not safe. It exposes you to both short-term and long-term consequences, including potentially severe health risks.

FAQs: shots of Vodka to get drunk

How many vodka shots to get drunk if you’re a teenager?

The number of vodka shots needed to become intoxicated can vary based on factors such as height, weight, and genetics. However, it is important to note that the legal drinking age in North America is not 16. It is highly advised to prioritize your health and safety and refrain from consuming alcohol underage.

How many shots of smirnoff vodka to get drunk?

The number of shots of Smirnoff vodka needed to reach a state of intoxication can vary depending on various factors such as body weight, tolerance, and individual metabolism. It is important to consume alcohol responsibly and be aware of your own limits. Excessive drinking can lead to intoxication and potential health risks.

Is 4 shots of vodka getting drunk?

The intoxicating effects of vodka can begin with as few as four shots for some individuals. After consuming 8 to 9 shots, the level of intoxication may increase further. It is important to note that ten shots of vodka should be considered the upper limit for men to avoid excessive drunkenness. Consuming more than this can result in severe intoxication.

Can you get drunk off one shot of vodka?

If you have an average weight, you may experience minor effects from consuming one shot of vodka after approximately fifteen minutes. These effects would peak and gradually subside over the course of another one to two hours.

How many shots of GREY Goose vodka will get you drunk?

To reach a state of inebriation, it typically takes three shots of GREY Goose vodka. Consuming up to 8 to 9 shots will result in an increased level of intoxication. The upper limit for men is considered to be ten shots of vodka. Exceeding this quantity will lead to a highly intoxicated state.

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  1. I barely drink vodka so I don’t know what I can handle. I’m 21 years old, a woman, 230 lb and 5’5. I know for fatter people it takes more to get you drunk. From the little experience I have I’d say I’m usually normal, I’m not a lightweight or a heavyweight. From what I read 5 is good enough to get me drunk and any more than that would make me sick. Is this true? I want to get drunk, not tipsy, but not so intoxicated I throw up or black out

  2. If you have no tolerance at all yet, start slow, and do not have them back to back. Drink sodas or water in between (which also helps with the hangover).

  3. I would tend to say 8 shots of 25ml spirits; meaning around 40%. Anyone who says they’re not drunk after that many are usually not half as charming and stimulating are they think they’re being.

  4. How many shots of 40% alcohol vodka would it take for a 14-year-old to get drunk? It depends on how big you are since body mass makes a difference on your blood alcohol levels. But assuming you are an average 14 year old it should only take a maximum of 3 shots before you are properly feeling the effects.

  5. I usually have like 30–40% and I don’t get drunk that easily, I drank half a bottle and was only a bit sleepy that’s all. Is that a bad thing?

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